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When you own a business you should not be afraid to ask external financing, the most advisable thing before launching a project is to make a business plan and study its viability and to make your company grow the most common thing is resort to a small business loan.

Liquidity problems for SMEs

Small and medium-sized companies, also known as SMEs, are currently having liquidity problems due to the Covid-19 crisis, since they are not billing in the values of previous months, the 68% of SMEs need liquidity according to the Bank of Spain. The current financial situation means that many of the companies are in a vulnerable position and with solvency problems

Liquidity problems are very present in SMEs as they wait a long time to collect their invoices. Liquidity: refers to the short time, the ability of a company to make the payment of its obligations . To avoid indebtedness, you can resort to liquidity buffers such as ask for a loan.

Advantages of applying for a small business loan

There are different types of SME loans, they are also a direct help option, that due to the characteristics that make up this type of business entails some advantages: 

  • You are an entrepreneur there is the possibility of asking for some unsecured loans
  • Help in the first investments
  • Some lower interest rates usual.

Why should you apply for a loan?

With business ideas if there is no capital, the opportunity is lost. Before losing the opportunity, it is necessary that we keep in mind the types of loans for small businesses that the market offers and analyze the different options.  Although it is very important keep the balance between internal and external financing.

Little Known Small Business Loan Options

The world is fully digitized, now you can obtain financing online, such as by using the crowdlending: . It is a form of financing between individuals for profit, it is do everything online, this type of loan for small businesses is booming especially for finance a new project. you can read more about What is crowdlending? 

Another option for SME loans is the Factoring, the objective is to advance the collection of invoices . and thus avoid future problems, consists of an advance assumed by a financial entity. In addition, it includes other financial services that are beneficial for carrying out tasks, such as external invoice management. Discover the advantages of Factoring

Financial advice before applying for a loan.

It is important to get financial advice professional when you discover that you have liquidity problems 

In Alterfinance can guide you in your decision to apply for a loan and help you in the type of loan that best suits your business based on your goals.

contact us now and talk to one of our financial advisors for career success today   and apply for a loan for your small business.

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  1. Good afternoon, we are a small transport company with a turnover of approximately 500,000 euros per year that we would need
    a circulating credit policy to make our company more bearable our company does not have any debt nor do we have
    Neither credits, nor policies, nor letters. nor banking operations, so we would need a circulating policy of 25,000 eur. We charge in transfer from our collaborator
    thank you


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