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The world of financing has changed and the methods that until now were used to finance you are no longer the same. Find out what alternative financing is like in Spain, what tools exist and if they fit to finance your company.

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The world of financing has changed and you must know all the tools that the market puts at your disposal to make a decision. Learn about Factoring for companies with this guide.


Alter Finance is a leading consulting firm specialized in Financing for companies. We help SMEs and Large Companies to have access to global non-bank financial solutions.

The current business financing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Currently, many companies cannot access traditional bank financing, which sometimes puts their viability at risk.

Faced with this situation, several different and alternative financing options arise, which in recent years have become more necessary. Currently, about 80% of the financing of European companies comes from traditional banks, compared to 20% in the case of the US.

We are therefore facing a process of "unbanking" our economy, a necessary and unavoidable process. This means that companies must adapt to a new situation of scarce bank financing with a tendency to be increasingly restricted, high requirements regarding the security and guarantee of these credits and, in addition, with high costs.

Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in all types of financing.

In addition, we have signed agreements with non-bank financial entities at a global level, which offer financing alternatives that adapt to the different needs that companies may have.

We want to be your partner and ally in the search for financing that your company needs.

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