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Alter Finance is a leading consulting firm specialized in Trade Finance and Working Capital Finance. We help large companies and SMEs to access global non-bank financial solutions.


Due to the restrictions, the high requirements related to the security and guarantee of credits and the high cost required by banks to finance your entity or business organization, our mission is to provide Spanish companies with an alternative financing service.

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We want to be your partner and ally in the search for the alternative financing that your business organization needs. Our experience supports us as a benchmark in financial advice and consultancy in the alternative financing market. We offer tailor-made recommendations for each client, under a rigorous analysis of the needs of your business organization or entity.



We seek to achieve excellent results for our clients, for this we try to guarantee the efficiency of our team, ensuring higher performance levels with effort and desire to excel. We also enjoy the commitment of collaborating financing entities at a global level in order to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.


Our objectivity and impartiality are an essential part of our added value. With this we seek to fulfill our work according to your interests, with the fulfillment of our duty as a mission. We intend at all times that our actions are consistent and coherent with our values and skills. Our advisory service is totally independent, offering above all the best and most rigorous analysis and valuation of each operation.


Innovation is undoubtedly one of the added values of our consultancy, adapted to changes and up-to-date at all times with the evolution and mutations of the financial market. We assure you continuous support throughout the process in order to inform you of possible changes or setbacks.



Advantages of working with Alter Finance


Due to our long experience, we have more than fifty agreements signed with various alternative financial entities globally. We have the necessary information for the type of business organization that your entity deals with, whether it is a small or medium-sized company, a start-up, an autonomous business or a franchise, among others. 


Our long history allows us to act with the necessary skill and dexterity, making the processing process more agile and simple, as well as obtaining the required financing. We assure you a response in less than 48 hours.


With Alter Finance you can forget about the inconveniences and difficulties that banks pose for the financing of your company. These obstacles put up by banks prevent traditional bank financing, putting the viability of companies that require financing at risk, therefore, we want to be the alternative you need.


We assure you the best competitive conditions according to the economic and financial situation of your entity, allowing access to the strategies that are the most optimal for your company.

Thanks to our agreements we can get you the best financing.


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