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Small and medium-sized companies form the 95% of the business fabric of Spain and need financial solutions for SMEs that adapt to their business models.

The choice of the correct financial solutions for SMEs will depend on the financing needs of the company. But, above all, it will depend on good financial planning. In other words, how to finance operations with the greatest efficiency, optimize the use of resources and, so that the company can face liquidity problems, in order to survive, maintain a growth rate or increase it.

Bank financing for SMEs

It's the kind of more traditional financing, whose objective is to acquire debt in order to boost business growth.

One way to get funding is through credits to buyer either small business bank loans.
These financial solutions work with the delivery of the amount corresponding to the loan or credit, but the bank requires the borrower to pay some interest, which is the way in which these entities obtain profit in these operations.

Public aid for SMEs

It is a type of financial solution for SMEs that solves the liquidity problems of the company from funds that come from an organization or a public institution. The best known are grants.
Furthermore, the pathways public funding give you the chance to get innovative SME seal depending on the project, which allows tax deductions.

Alternative financial solutions

Another type of financial solutions for SMEs different from the traditional ones is the alternative financing.
Alternative financial solutions include various viable options according to the moment of growth of the company.

  • business angels
  • Direct lending
  • Leasing and renting
  • Crowdlending

When the financial solution is sought with the intention of solving liquidity problems. These solutions are the ones that work best in the short term:

  • Confirming
  • Factoring
  • stock financing
  • Crowdfunding


Which to choose?

When answering the question:Among the financial solutions for SMEs, which one should I choose for my business?one has to take into account the particularities of each company in question. Therefore, what we recommend is to consult experts in the financial sector, so that they can help you select the best source of financing for your business.

More information on financial solutions for SMEs

If you have a business project that requires financing to be able to function, let yourself be advised on which of these financial solutions for SMEs is the one that best suits your business model.

At Alter Finance, we are specialists in alternative financing. If you need additional information about any of the financial formulas already described, contact us without obligation.

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