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Debt refinancing is an alternative that consists of modify the conditions of some initial loans or credits, to reunify them into one, changing the terms of the contract, obtaining new, more advantageous payment conditions and the necessary liquidity.

This operation is usually carried out when a real estate developer seeks to invest in real estate projects. But, you need a debt restructuring as a solution to meet your payments.

In addition, this financial product is an alternative for restructure the overload that is generating the payment of debt installments, or to take advantage of more favorable market conditions.

With debt refinancing, all loans will be canceled to reunify them into a single debt with the new conditions previously negotiated.

Debt refinancing requirements for developers

debt refinancing is available to all promoters who have a loan and take care of their finances.

It is convenient to refinance when you need to start a new business or expand liquidity to help solve an unforeseen event.
Investment funds have broken into the market to open up a financing alternative for real estate developers with lower requirements that allows them to boost their companies.

Alter Finance How to do a debt refinancing?

Alter Finance offers tailor-made financing solutions for all types of real estate operations carried out by developer companies.

Our solutions for developers are the financing channels that best allow your projects to develop. Offering the best financing alternatives to carry out your plans and enjoying advantageous advantages:

  1. Speed in all procedures.
  2. Financing customization.
  3. Flexibility.
  4. All procedures can be managed electronically.
  5. Advice during the process.
  6. Transparency and security.

Are you a secure alternative financing company for real estate developers?

Alter Finance is a leading company in helping real estate developers. The flexibility and agility of our financing guarantees the achievement of your project.
Our experience supports us, we offer tailor-made recommendations for each client, under a rigorous analysis of the needs of your company. ohWe will wait for you!

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