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The CIRBE report of a company is of great importance to gain access to credit. It reflects the debts contracted and, the greater they are, the lesser the ability to obtain new sources of financing.

It is important to keep the company's CIRBE at acceptable levels for traditional financial institutions. Otherwise, the ability to obtain liquidity at a given time would be limited. But how to get financing without the CIRBE report being increased then? In this post we show you the keys.

What is the CIRBE of a company?

CIRBE are the acronyms for Central Bank of Spain Risk Information. It is a body whose function is to maintain a database of the financing operations that a person (physical or legal) has open.

Banking entities are obliged to report to this body on a monthly basis all open asset operations of more than €1,000, such as loans, credits, guarantees, etc.

The objective of the CIRBE is to provide information about the financial charges, and consequently, the credit risk of a person or company.

Thus, when we talk about the CIRBE of a company, we refer to the risk report issued by the Bank of Spain through this database, which can be decisive when accessing financing.

In fact, The CIRBE report is one of the first sources of information used by banks to determine the credit capacity of a client.

What risks appear in the CIRBE?

In the report issued by the CIRBE, all the risks of the company appear, whether direct or indirect:

  • direct risks: those operations in which the owner is the company itself.
  • indirect risks: credit operations in favor of a third party guaranteed by the company.

Regarding the types of risks according to the operations, they can be:

  • financial risks: typical of credit operations, including current account overdraft and foreign trade operations.
  • commercial risks: from trade discount and recourse factoring operations.
  • available risk: This is the part of the credit policy or guarantee that has not been used, but is available.

Also, one may wonder if the renting and leasing operations appear in the CIRBE. Actually, the renting it is a lease. It is not accounted for in the company's liabilities. Therefore, does not have to be declared in the CIRBE report.

Besides, the lease It is a mixed contract between the lease and the loan. It is accounted for as corporate debt and consume risks at CIRBE.

How to apply for the CIRBE?

Any natural or legal person who appears as the owner of a declarable risk in the cirbe has the right to obtain their CIRBE report from the Bank of Spain.

If the company has an electronic certificate or digital signature, it can request it through the virtual office of the Bank of Spain. In the section "Processing" >> "Request for reports and CIR Claims".

In any case, it is possible to obtain the CIRBE by filling out a form and delivering it in person or sending it by regular mail, together with the corresponding documentation (ID of the representative, photocopy of the power of attorney, etc.).

The shipping address is as follows:

Bank of Spain

Risk Information Center

C/ Alcalá, 48

28014 Madrid

How to obtain financing without increasing the CIRBE?

As it may have been observed, The simple fact of accessing financing means increasing the CIRBE and consume risk available for other operations. This can be a problem for the company if it has a certain volume of open credit, even if it keeps up with its payment obligations.

However, there are business financing solutions They do not have to be declared to the Bank of Spain. It is a whole range of alternative financial products and services to the banking system. Among them you can find:

In addition to the flexibility and agility in the procedures that it provides, Alternative financing allows liquidity to be obtained without limiting the ability to access other credits. The operations are private and their risk It is not reflected in the CIRBE of the company.

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