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From Alter Finance We study and manage debt restructuring operations, giving companies the appropriate means to refinance debts, extending the payment period, with more comfortable and flexible conditions in order to reduce the interest rate. We analyze each case of debt restructuring with the greatest rigor and precision in a personal and individualized way through a business plan that details the economic and financial situation of the entity as well as the current state of the debt.

Restructuring Services

Reestablish new financing mechanisms

Once we know the current situation of your entity, we provide you with a report with the relevant information to calculate the new payment options, once the strategies to be carried out to confront the debt have been considered, through the different alternative financial instruments. We provide you with access to the necessary resources that allow you to face the payment of the debt.

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Ensure the viability of your entity

Ensure the viability of your entity

The ultimate goal of the debt restructuring service that we offer is none other than ensure the viability of your business organization, allowing debts not to prevent the cessation of its activity. We offer the best alternative to a new bankruptcy, avoiding a situation in which your company is disadvantaged.

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Defer the maturity of the debt

Since on certain occasions companies or entities cannot meet the debt terms established by banks. From Alter Finance We take care of managing the debt deferral schedule taking into account the financial projections of your entity's treasury in the short term, and the forecasts of the net cash flows and the income statements that your company will generate in the coming years.

Defer the maturity of the debt