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Alter Finance,  specialists in external financial management of companies. There are many organizations that do not have the figure of a financial director, therefore, we want to be the alternative and replace that lack. For this, we offer you an analysis of the economic and financial structure of your company, as well as its evolution, we help you to implement an effective control system for your management, we guide you in planning the required financing sources, guaranteeing a treasury according to payment obligations, among many other tasks.

Financial Management Services

Financial analysis

Our experience allows us to be capable of evaluate and analyze all the main assets that make up its economic and financial structure. We study with determination the evolution that it has had over time to obtain patterns and know in detail in which areas we must act.

  • Analysis of the income statement, balance sheet, cash and treasury.
  • Analysis of your financing structure (long, medium and short) and how it affects your company
  • Analysis of your working capital (working capital)
  • Everything about the area of exploitation (purchasing methodology, operating expenses, stock analysis
  • Analysis of your fixed assets
  • etc
financial analysis
search for financing

Financing search

As experts in the search for financing, We can provide you with different solutions that help you improve your financial situation. We not only focus on the search for bank capital but also private investors, through the different capital markets and / or alternative financing.

  • investment funds
  • Direct lending
  • Renting
  • lease-back
  • Crowdlending
  • Among others

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Strategic planning

Having a good financial structure will allow you as a company to be able to achieve your business objectives both in the short and long term. It is important that in your planning these two concepts are aligned to enjoy good financial health. In this planning we will advise you so that your financing with your own resources or from others does not generate situations of lack of liquidity in certain periods of time.

Planning will be based on the following reasons for good financial planning:

  • Liquidity
  • Indebtedness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Control


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