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At Alter Finance, we are specialists in the alternative financing that your company needs. Companies must adapt to a new situation of scarce bank financing, which is increasingly restricted and demands high requirements in accordance with the security and guarantee of credits, not to mention the high cost involved. That is why we have agreements signed with various non-bank financial entities, which offer financing alternatives adaptable to the different needs that your company may have.

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Since the nature and needs of each type of organization are very different, we have the necessary financial knowledge for each of the possible entities, knowing what type of unconventional financing your company needs, whether it is a start-up, a small or medium-sized company, a franchise or an autonomous business, among others.

Adaptability to changes

Adaptability to changes

Due to the continuous changes and transformations that the financial market experiences, it is essential to be trained before any type of evolution. For this reason, from Alter finance we are continuously informed of all the options offered by the market, as well as the risk criteria and the requirements that each entity requires to grant financing.

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Agility in processing

Our added value lies in the years of experience that support us as specialists in business financing. This experience allows us certain skill and skill expediting the processing process and obtaining the required financing. We also have a wide network of non-bank financial entities that facilitate this work.

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