What is Export Leasing?

Export Leasing is another type of financing for exports where the exporter sells to a leasing company the goods that the importer wants to buy and the leasing company leases said goods to the importer. This mechanism is used for goods with a useful life greater than 2 years.

At Alter Finance we are redefining export financing thanks to our Export Leasing service, creating the largest unique International Leasing platform in the world.

On our platform there are leasing companies of more than 50 countries, being able to finance your exports to all those markets.

We are selecting Spanish exporting companies that want to participate in the launch of the platform, with unique conditions.


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How does Alter Finance Export Leasing work?

Alter Finance has created a platform where we have partnered with leasing companies from more than 50 countries to be able to offer financing to Spanish exporters.

The lease has two main advantages that sellers of capital goods have used since leasing began to be used in the 1970s. There are certainly more advantages, but we think that these are the main ones, one for the provider and one for the buyer, a correct balance .

for the buyer, helps you overcome any budget limitations or Capex problems. By agreeing to a monthly or quarterly lease figure, you clearly avoid the major capital expenditure budget and help the customer purchase the equipment they need now, rather than putting the decision off until perhaps next year. That also helps the provider as they can close the deal now and not in the future.

For the provider, the arrendment minimizes equipment cost, because saying the equipment costs one amount per month sounds pretty affordable compared to buying outright.

In international operations, the exporter has to contact a leasing company in the importer's country in order to offer them an international lease. This is where the difficulties begin, since many exporters do not have a specialized financial department, with more than 20 years of experience in international financing and in relation to leasing companies in more than 50 countries, Alter Finance helps you export your products .

Advantages for the exporter:

  • Easier to close sales.
  • Increased sales and margins.
  • Greater customer retention.

Advantages for the importer:

  • Financing of 100% of the equipment price.
  • Diversification of funding sources.
  • Tax advantages, the fee is deductible.

Export Leasing FAQ

Export Leasing How much can be financed?

Allows to finance up to 100% of the investment amount. With other solutions such as Buyer Credit or Supplier Credit, only 85% of the amount of the investment is financed.

What assets can be the subject of a leasing contract?

In an export leasing contract, all types of capital goods how are the goods:

  • Ground transportation
  • Maritime and air transport
  • Equipment goods
  • Office automation and telematics
  • Medical equipments
  • Other goods.

What is the term of the export leasing? Are there minimum or maximum terms?

The terms will be set by the lessor, that is, the entity that grants the international leasing. One of the advantages of this contract is that the fees can be flexible.

A minimum term of two years and maximum of 7 years its normal.


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