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What are Debt Funds?

The debt funds  or funds from direct lending They are investment funds whose objective is to grant business loans. These loans are normally granted with terms longer than those granted by banks (up to 7 years), with very flexible amortization structures, being able to amortize all the capital at maturity (100% bullet) and with amounts higher than those granted by the banks. The interest rate is imposed by the investor, who analyzes the situation based on market interest rates.

debt funds

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Much higher financing amounts than banks

Long-term financing, with maturity terms longer than those of banks

Amortization of capital at maturity (bullet)

Agility, with approval times between 4 and 8 weeks

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How do Debt Funds work?

Debt funds are a financial instrument used by both public and private entities when they need to acquire capital to make an investment or simply to keep that capital for the future. The way to capture this capital is by issuing debt bonds, which are bought by investors who, from the moment of their acquisition, will become creditors of the entity.

Advantages of Debt Funds

  • Financing of up to 100% of the investment amount
  • Fees are tax deductible
  • Get long-term financing, with a minimum term of two years in machinery and vehicles and ten years in real estate
  • You have an option to purchase the goods for a value defined in advance


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