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In other posts on our blog we have told you why the alternative financing It can be a great option for companies that need liquidity and they are not so easily granted. Especially for companies that have just started, that have not yet established themselves as a large company or simply that their financial situation is not adequate at that time. In today's article we want to talk about the loans for companies without endorsement, a great opportunity to get the liquidity you need if You do not have any guarantor.

Loans without endorsement: is it a good option?

By itself, to request a loan the Bank entities they usually ask many requirements that most businesses cannot afford. Instead, they are developing financing alternatives so that all companies have the possibility of achieving the goals that have been proposed, without liquidity being an obstacle.

When you talk about endorsement there is talk of a additional guarantee offered by the entity or natural person when applying for a loan. It is a very common requirement of banks. It is used so that, in default case by the customer, the entity can repay the debt in another way.

Therefore, the unsecured loans They are a good option if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You're a entrepreneur or have a booming business but not yet established. You have a new idea and to carry it out you need liquidity, but You cannot offer a guarantee.
  2. can you offer other types of guaranteessuch as mortgages. Applying for business money is a more accessible procedure compared to a few years ago. However, the entity that provides it needs a certain security against that loan.
  3. The amount of money what do you request She's not really tall. The less money requested, the fewer obstacles the company will encounter.

These are some of the requirements, though get liquidity without a guarantee can be a process that takes different paths. In the following section we give you some ideas on how to obtain financing without presenting a guarantee:


It's about a financial instrument that allows businesses to obtain the necessary solvency to carry out any project. Usually it is a group of people, or just one of them, who are the ones finance this project. In exchange for that funding, these investors receive compensation, which is the interest rate paid by the company that the company receives for repaying the loan.

He crowdlending It is one of the most used resources today by many Spanish SMEs. It has the great advantage that the agreement between the company and investors is tailor-made, so that the conditions can be agreed upon in terms of benefiting both.

Bank loans

They are the traditional operations of loan application. Today some of these entities have developed certain products in which the guarantor requirement is not necessary. However, this will depend on the company situation requesting the loan, since before granting it, a study is carried out on its solvency and the risk of that operation for the bank itself.


It is a type of loan from financial institutions, but with small differences that make it more accessible to those companies that they can not due to your situation present a endorsement. They have features such as the following:

  • No commissions
  • Flexibility in terms
  • Reduced interest rates

Other types of financing without endorsement

Obtaining financing has the same goal as ask for a loan, that is, the two modalities offer liquidity to the company so that it can achieve the goals that it has set. However, these goals are of a different nature. A loan does not have to be directed to finance an idea, can be requested simply for pay off other debt what is urgent, pay suppliers because it is being a season of crisis, or even the employees.

Instead, the investment financing yes it is usually related to the realization of an idea or business project. Likewise, in financing, the company must also offer something in exchange for the investment of another company or individuals.

Some examples of financing without collateral through investment are the following:

1 – Business Angels.

It is an increasingly popular concept. refers to those investment professionals that aim study feasibility and the possibilities of project success. In this way they decide if it is convenient for them to provide the necessary financing for it to be carried out. Furthermore, these people often get involved in the project that they have decided to finance. To access them, you can visit all entrepreneurship events, incubators and accelerators that you have accessible

2-Venture Capital.

In this case, professional investors are in charge of manage third-party investment portfolios, focusing on to diversify that funding in various projects. These usually involve a high risk, but also some great chances of success. Therefore, your project must be clear, concise, attractive and viable to success.


Having chosen any option, it is important for you to know that a good business plan and a good presentation of this they can define the decision of anyone. Before launching directly to request some kind of loan or financing for your project, make a complete study of it and look for a way to differentiate it from others. Emphasize the benefits that would be gained and work on how the risks will be addressed in the presentation.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. you can follow browsing our blog where you will find more interesting topics that will help you with your Business success.

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