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What is Cash Flow?

cash flow dictionary

Cash Flow is one of the most used concepts in the accounting field of a business, since this term determines the liquidity capacity that a company has. … Read more

Practical guide on loans for entrepreneurs


Taking the first steps in a project has never been easy, especially when it comes to create your own, solvent company from scratch and from which they can obtain benefits for its maintenance.

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The real estate sector in Spain


In today's article we are going to describe and study how the real estate sector in Spain and its actors are currently doing. You will be able to understand which... Read more

Unsecured loans for companies

image loans without endorsement

In other posts on our blog we have told you why the alternative financing It can be a great option for companies that need liquidity and they are not so easily granted. Especially for companies that have just started, that have not yet established themselves as a large company or simply that their financial situation is not adequate at that time. In today's article we want to talk about the loans for companies without endorsement, a great opportunity to get the liquidity you need if You do not have any guarantor.

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What is the APR

tae dictionary

The TAE is the Equivalent Annual Rate and is used to calculate the cost or profitability of a loan, mortgage, savings product. It will help us to know… Read more

ICO loans: what you need to know

ico image

In today's article we are going to talk about a source of financing that is widely used by companies: ICO Loans. We will start by telling you what they are, the advantages they have and what types of ICO loans exist.

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10 ways to finance your company

finance your company

In today's article we are going to develop 10 ways to finance your company, since there are many and very diverse sources of financing that exist in the market.

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