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Internet It has opened up new financing options for individuals. It is convenient that values what is crowdlending and that you compare the different possibilities offered by this type of financing.

What is crowdlending: definition and main characteristics

Crowdlending is a way of financing between individuals for profit. This mechanism basically consists of a individual lends money for a business project and then receive the add some interest. The idea is that this financing project can be assumed by several people in small amounts.

Crowdlending can be used for all types of companies and in various formats. Of course, there must be an economic consideration in exchange for the investment made, whether greater or lesser. Returns vary depending on the sector and risk.

This model has received a great boost thanks to the development of the internet. In the 2010s, financing possibilities beyond traditional banking have multiplied.

The main differences between crowdfunding and crowdlending

It is usual not to distinguish well between crowdfunding and crowdlending although, in reality, they are different financing methods. The main difference lies in the profit motive, because crowdfunding was born as an altruistic initiative.

Instead, it should be noted that crowdlending, from the outset, is an activity that has a profit motive. It is good to know this issue because it will serve to distinguish it clearly. The new financing alternatives are born, precisely, to make a difference with respect to what is known.

Originally, this financing arose as an alternative to traditional banking. Today it maintains that aspect, but with an eminently competitive approach. The truth is that, with the Economic Crisis of 2008, there was a closure to private credit that had to be compensated through other alternatives such as small consumer loan companies.

Today this is a financing alternative that can be useful in certain cases. Of course, it is convenient to study each situation carefully.


Crowdlending companies in Spain

The so-called crowdlending platforms They are intermediary companies between the investor and the company that wants to raise the money. The truth is that this format began to work massively in the Baltic countries. However, it should be noted that the legal limbo in which it operates can be somewhat problematic.

This is the reason why it will be more convenient for you to contact Spanish companies. The objective is to respect a certain regulation and offer guarantees. It is important to say that this discipline is still in the process of regulation by the National Stock Market Commission (CNMV). Not surprisingly, there have been frauds due to this lack of definition in some cases. It should be taken into account to avoid problems.

On the other hand, and although surprising, there are platforms of various types. Some platforms bet on a more aggressive investor profile, while others will try to attract the conservative investor. On the other hand, you have to remember that the platforms can be used by companies from various sectors. Consequently, this is a diverse type of business.


This platform offers a service of promissory note discount. This is an interesting alternative if what you are looking for is high profitability in a short time because it offers a 7%. Of course, you have to take into account that the operation of this platform is not covered by the CMNV.


housers It is one of the best-known crowdlending platforms in Spain and with a predictable operation. It is, in essence, asking for money to buy real estate in areas of high appreciation. In some cases, returns can reach 10 %. The CMNV supports this platform and guarantees its operation.


This platform is dedicated to offer guaranteed reciprocal loans. It is, therefore, an interesting alternative if what you want is to minimize your risks. The counterpart is that the returns fluctuate between 2 and 6 %. The operation of this company is covered by the regulation of the CMNV.


The October platform until recently it was operating as Lendix. The type of business offered is that of loans for business financing. The philosophy is not to finance cash operations and returns are offered that reach 10 % in some cases. Of course, they are long-term investments.


This platform is licensed by the CNMV to operate and is specialized in the loans to SMEs. It began its journey in 2014 and offers returns of between 4 and 5 %. This is an interesting possibility if you want some security when investing. Not surprisingly, the coverage offered is a guarantee against problems that may arise.


now that you know what is crowdlending, You can ask yourself with more guarantees if you are interested in investing or not. If you are an individual and you know how to choose the platform, you can obtain interesting and guaranteed returns.

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