Types of Renting

The types of renting what's up are varied and it is convenient that you know each and every one of them. This article will shed light on the options available to you.

What is renting and the types of renting

He renting is a format of rent whereby the holder signs a contract by which he will have the use and enjoy of a good in exchange for payment of a share during the period it lasts. You have to know that he rental contract also covers the costs of reviews and the maintenance.

The renting does not imply compulsorily the Purchase option for the contract. when you wonder what is renting, the truth is that you should know that this option has more flexibility than other formats. It is possible to rent any movable property.

The types of renting are various and will depend on the needs of your company. This is a format designed for companies and freelancers and can cover automobiles, equipment, machinery and computer equipment.

Leasing or renting

The option to choose between leasing or renting It will depend on what your ideal format is. It is good, however, that you keep in mind a series of issues.

If your final intention is buy the good, you will be more interested in leasing. Not surprisingly, it is a tax subsidized option and the company is obliged to offer a purchase option.

If you want to stop worrying about maintenance of a property, you will be more interested in renting. It must be remembered that this type of contract obliges the company to take care of these issues.

Finally, it should be noted that if you are looking for flexibility, tea renting will be more interesting. This format is regulated by the Commercial Code and has fewer restrictions than leasing.

Types of renting

The types of renting that exist are several. These are the most important formats that are contracted. Of course, it is possible to rent any type of property.

technological leasing

He technological leasing consists of renting Computer equipment either technological. This is a common formula because the obsolescence of these products is fast and thus saves money.

Rent Back

He Rent Back is a formula by which a owner of a property sells it to a company so that it, Subsequently I leased it. This option is also used in leasing.

industrial leasing

He industrial leasing It is one of the possibilities most used by industrial companies. It basically consists of equipment leasing as is the case with machinery. Companies that are just starting out or that want to save costs may be interested in this option.

Vehicle leasing

He vehicle leasing is a contract by which the use of a vehicle during a certain period of time. This is an option for companies and the self-employed because they only have to worry about paying the fee and fuel.

Provider leasing

He provider leasing It is a contract by which a company agrees to provide the necessary goods for a company to carry out its daily operations.

equipment rental

He equipment rental It is a possibility to cover the equipment that certain goods need. Companies, in this way, can work better. This is a way to complement other varieties such as supplier or industrial leasing.

rent to rent

He rent to rent is a contract by which a supplier buy a property that you lease to a third party. The idea is to be able to pay a fee little by little and not have to acquire the good.

Advantages of renting

The advantages of renting are several, if you know how to choose wisely. These are the most important:

  1. He renting allows you to be more competitive because you will save expenses derived from the purchase. Another important aspect is that the tax treatment is advantageous, so it is interesting for companies and SMEs.
  2. The rental contract allows you not worry of the expenses related to the maintenance and revision. This will be covered because it is included in the fee. When it comes to vehicles or machinery, this will allow you to save significant money.
  3. If you hire a renting service, you have the possibility of changing goods every so often. Computer equipment, cars or capital goods are examples of accelerated obsolescence. This is the way to avoid exposing yourself to depreciation.
  4. Renting can be agreed in several ways because the legislation grants flexibility. This serves to indicate the possibility of purchase or to better negotiate terms. The good thing is that, in the long run, it will redound positively.


The different renting that exist are tools so that you can cover the needs of your company. This is a good option so that, in the medium term, it will be easier for you. Renting is the way to save significant amounts and receive a maintenance service.

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