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He leasing is an option for companies to do use of a good with possibility of purchase. The possibility of financial leasing It is subject to a series of conditions of which you must be aware.

The different types of leasing

He leasing can be of three types operational, lease-back and financial. The first case is that of the manufacturing or distribution companies that offer this option and the second is a sale and subsequent lease of an asset that belonged to us.

He financial leasing, instead, is the more professionalized option of those that exist. These types of operations can only be carried out by authorized companies that are specifically dedicated to it without being manufacturers or distributors. In practice, they are usually financial, banks either savings. The result is that prices tend to be cheaper and leasing is offered more accessible to the customer.

He financial leasing It is a modality that is conditioned to the use but that does not cover the costs of the maintenance nor the repairs. This implies that the person who uses the good has to deal with these issues. While it is true that, in the long run, the purchase price is reduced, you have to consider if it is the formula that interests you.

The two types of financial leasing: characteristics and uses

Another aspect to remember is that the client does not have the right to waive the rent without agreeing with his landlord. He financial leasing It can be of two kinds depending on the good: furniture and real estate. We will point out the characteristics of each of these possibilities:

furniture leasing

He furniture leasing It is a formula for those who need to use office furniture but do not want to buy it in the short term. This option encompasses chairs, tables and the Computer equipment. In case we are interested, we can buy the assets for a residual value and exercise full ownership. This is a good option for businesses that are just starting out or when you don't want to take a lot of entry risk. He minimum term to sign a contract with this format is 2 years.

It is not surprising that this format is of interest because some assets such as computer equipment depreciate very easily and in a very short time. Consequently, it is interesting to avoid these situations and gain security. The truth is that this is the possibility that is used the most because it does not require large expenses in SMEs.

real estate leasing

He real estate leasing It is the one that is applied to office buildings or commercial premises. This modality is much less common because it is conditioned to a minimum of 10 years. Only when this period passes, the lessee will be able to buy the property or return it. In any case, the possibility of not being able to assume the purchase is attractive to several businesses or professionals.

The vast majority of the time there is a purchase, but this is a way to minimize risks in situations of uncertainty. There are businesses that do not go ahead and, therefore, it is not convenient to stretch the contracts.


When are we interested in a financial leasing?

This type of leasing we may be interested if a series of circumstances. We highlight the most important:


The investment in capital goods either real estate is a bet to medium and long term. Not surprisingly, it is not surprising that stability is sought. If the situation is uncertain, it may be interesting to have this option so that you do not have to necessarily assume ownership when the contract expires. This is, then, a way to avoid risks in unclear situations. It is convenient that you keep in mind, however, that this format is designed for you to buy the good.

Intensive use of computer equipment or vehicles

Companies that make a intensive use of the Computer equipment either vehicles They are exposed to losing value very easily. The first year of use, even if they are in perfect condition, they will already have lost between 20 and 25 %. In many cases, it is better to sign a leasing contract and, when it expires, choose to either buy or trade in new equipment.

tax savings

you have the possibility of deduct your expenses corresponding to the fee you are paying. If what you want is to save for your company or organization, this is one way to do it. He Corporation Tax (IS) or the personal income tax deductions may apply. This is one of the reasons why you may be interested in the financial leasing.


He financial leasing It is one of the possibilities to finance the acquisition of a good in installments. The tax advantages it provides and the freedom to change once the contract ends are two important advantages. This is one of the ways to stay one step ahead of the competition because we will not spend more than necessary.

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