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Solar panel leasing is the ideal self-consumption solution for companies.

There are several ways to benefit from these facilities, either through purchase or rental.

Discover in this post how the rental of solar panels, through leasing, has reduced the fact of having to make a significant initial investment, when a company wants to switch to photovoltaic energy.

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What is the renting of solar panels?

The renting of solar panels is a type of lease that allows renting the solar panels for a period. When the agreed time passes, the user who enjoys the product can return it to the company that rented it.

Is a accessible alternative for those businesses that seek to make the change towards an energy that is respectful with the environment, without this representing a large initial investment.

Although, users should pay your rent monthly as agreed in the rental contract.

Advantages of renting solar panels for companies

  1. It is the leasing company that will take care of the maintenance, repairs of solar panels, as well as their installation and uninstallationwhile the contract lasts.
  2. The lessee has option to purchase solar panels and you can change them for better models or remove them once the contract is over.
  3. For legal purposes, renting is a operation that is left out of balance, which favors companies so that you can maintain the current financing lines with your usual banks.
  4. Higher amortization, when the purchase of solar panels is made, the amortization depends largely on the initial investment and this sometimes may not be profitable for small and large companies. This is the reason why, in certain contexts, the optimization of resources that renting allows is vital.
  5. Liquidity for companies that bet on solar energy. The renting of solar panels and the change to the use of this energy, affects in the form of savings on the electricity bill.
  6. Photovoltaic installations have a direct impact on the electricity bill in the form of savings. So that you can pay the rent monthly with what you save.

These are some of the facilities that renting supposes of solar panels for those companies that wish to bet on sustainability.

The installation and use of solar energy may help reduce energy expenditure in offices or production factories. As well as, a commitment to a change in economic and environmental savings.


Sometimes financing a photovoltaic energy project is complicated. Above all, due to the strong initial capital investment that is needed.
But, renting solar panels is a financing alternative for which many companies are currently opting.

When a renting is carried out as financing for photovoltaic installations. The installation company provides flexible financing adjusted to the needs of the business.
Likewise, it carries out all the installation work and assumes the cost of the solar panels. Establishing a rental contract that must be paid monthly.

Be the first to take advantage of the potential of renting and get the best financing.

Knowing how renting works will make your way easier. Contact us for Advise you on leasing models.  In case you need great professionals to help you manage and make decisions about your company. We will wait for you!

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