How does energy leasing make your company's operations sustainable?

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In the current moment of uncertainty, energy leasing is the safest bet to invest in sustainability.

The most important thing this year is to carry out the business objective, reducing spending on business operations through sustainability. For this, you need innovative measures that help you, but that do not pose a great risk.

What is energy leasing?

Solar leasing is a product that is available to any type of company and that its popularity is increasing.

In addition, self-consumption leasing benefits both business and society, collaborating both with the energy expenditure of the company, and reducing pollution in the environment.

Therefore, The rental of solar panels is known as energy leasing. This type of alternative financing for self-consumption avoids heavy bank procedures. Offering the leasing company the possibility to rent photovoltaic panels without initial investment.

Like any type of leasing, the rental of solar panels entails the payment of periodic installments for the service provided.

Differences between renting solar panels and energy leasing

Unlike the renting of solar panels, in energy leasing, At the end of the contract, the client becomes the owner of the photovoltaic panels and the installation.

However, in the leasing of solar panels, there is the possibility of option to buy. But it's not necessary, since there are other options such as extending the contract or starting a new one.

How can leasing finance self-consumption?

The objective of energy leasing is to cover the energy needs of a company and reduce its investment costs financing solar panels.

Leasing is a more traditional financing option that allows you, as in the purchase, save on electric bill from the first month without the need for immediate liquidity.

When renting you benefit from the same advantages offered by the purchase. Optimize your savings and the best return on your investment.

Among its characteristics and operation. Solar energy leasing works with the same dynamics as solar panel leasing. Although, legally, it is registered as a commercial operation and will appear both on the balance sheet and in Cirbe.

Its main disadvantage is that the maintenance and repair of the photovoltaic panels will be at your expense.

Why is it a good option for companies?

  1. tool against uncertainty: Leasing operations are set for a short-term period. Therefore, the employer is not committed to continue with the contract in a few years. Something very interesting for SMEs and freelancers who need more flexibility in their operations.
  2. Try other technologies: The energy leasing client has the possibility to freely test a type of energy that can be better adapted to the needs of their business.
  3. sustainable energy alternative: the current offer of renewable energies is growing and is becoming more extensive. Although, among the most consolidated options are the purchase, the leasing of energy and finally the renting of solar panels.

Alter Finance Specialization

If you consider leasing as a viable financial alternative to end the energy dependence of your business. You should consider the alternatives that Alter Finance can offer you as a partner.

Here we summarize the top 3 reasons for specializing in Alter Finance:

  1. Experience in financial solutions.
  2. Industry Knowledge.
  3. We speak your same language, providing financing tailored to the needs of your company.

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