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In today's post we want to talk to you about another step in the path of any current business: the time to grow. Expand a company It is not an easy task, it carries both risks and benefits and, above all, it can lead to success if the right decisions are made.

In this article we want to give you some tips on how to expand a business, the inconveniences you may encounter and what you can do about it.

How to expand a company

The objective of any entrepreneur is to increase the turnover of his business without indebtedness. It is very difficult to achieve this result, since higher sales require prior investment in suppliers, infrastructure, personnel, etc. For a large company, perhaps the risks of expanding are less than for an SME. These require a very specific plan and taking care of the details to reduce obstacles as much as possible that can interrupt their actions.

Here we list some steps so that you can have the inconveniences under control on the path to business growth:

1- Do not take a step before investigating

Do you know which direction you want to take? What kind of audience do you want to reach? Will the market you want to enter accept your product? Who will be your competitors and what differentiates you from them? There is a lots of factors come into play in business expansion.

You can find thousands of stories and anecdotes from other companies that, for not carrying out a previous investigation on the market, the target audience or your competitors, they failed in their attempt to grow their business. Therefore, we recommend that all the data and information you can collect will help you calculate the chances of success.

2- Be very clear about the objectives that you want to achieve

You must take into account the situation of your business and the market in which you want to operate to define the goals you want to achieve. These must meet certain requirements to get them. They must be realistic, focused on a short period of time and measurable so that in the future those metrics will be useful to you. Every mistake is a new experience enriching, as well as each successful step you take.

3- Plan the financing in detail

The most common obstacle faced by companies today is the Lack of funding to invest in its growth. Variable costs increase, so working capital and strategic planning are necessary to obtain financing.

One of the most feasible solutions for this inconvenience is the alternative financing, since your request is usually less strict and faster than those made to bank financial entities.

4- Qualified personnel

You probably have senior and supervisory employees that you trust and want to include in this new growth project. However, overloading your employees with work is not recommended. It not only affects your work performance, but also your motivation and attitude towards your job.

It would be advisable hire qualified personnel for this project, either from internal contracting or from a business consulting company, and who dedicates all their efforts to achieving the expansion objectives that you have proposed.

5- Do not neglect the quality of your products/services

A very tempting option for a company is reduce the quality of your products, using cheaper and/or lower quality materials. This is clearly a mistake, since it will directly affect your brand image. It is not necessary to reduce your quality to achieve success in the expansion, it is enough to have everything planned in detail and anticipate the results of each step.

6- Study the possibility of partnering with another company

Most of today's entrepreneurs see other companies as competitors rather than as a powerful ally. Investigate which companies can add value to what you offer, and in this way reach an agreement so that it benefits both of you.

This strategy is mostly used in the promotion phase of your product, is a way to reach new customers, especially if the other company is already established in the market you want to enter.


These are the basic and very general steps if you want to broaden the vision of your company and follow the path of expansion. There are many modalities that a company can choose to expand, whether it is choosing a new market, expanding internationally, merging with another company, etc. What is clear and common in any type of expansion strategy is the planning and control of each of the actions that are carried out.

At Alterfinance we know how difficult it can be to achieve your business dreams, especially when it comes to financing and you are a small company. For this reason, among our services, Alternative financing is the best option for your expansion plans. We manage everything for you, so you only have to worry about achieving your goals.


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