How to save your company from energy dependence? Finance self-consumption.

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Energy dependence has made the price of electricity the protagonist in the bills of Spanish companies, with increasing increases for months.

However, self-consumption is a well-known concept as well as its advantages, but no one has explained the viable options that a company has to become self-sufficient.

In today's post we are going to talk about how leasing for renewable energy is a great solution to save costs and avoid energy dependence.

energy dependency

Energy dependence concept very repeated in the news and newspapers, but really Know that means?.

Energy dependency means that the Spanish economy is exposed to the variability of the export prices of primary energies such as oil, gas, coal and fossil fuels.

To put an end to energy imports, it is necessary to develop a more independent and efficient energy model.

Minimizing our energy dependence is possible by making a investment in renewable energy that help reduce and save.

Why be a company with autonomous energy?

As a company, if you adopt energy saving measures and bet on sustainable energy, you will be able to:

  • Reduce your energy demand, applying sustainable technologies and using renewable energy sources, will make you less dependent on oil, natural gas and coal. That can mean a Big difference in your energy costs.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • build a more sustainable or green brand image that can contribute to the success of your company.
  • Take advantage of financial agreements, such as the repeal of the sun tax or access to subsidies for SMEs with a sustainable entrepreneurial spirit.

Keep in mind: 2022 will be the green year par excellence with renewable energy.

Leasing the solution to avoid energy dependence

He leasing is by definition a rent with option to buy, which can be applied in all sectors.

With the lease, companies can finance those renewable energy assets they need for their activity such as: solar panel panels, wind turbines or led lighting.

It is an opportunity because:

  • It allows access to a renewable energy team without having to make the initial outlay.
  • There is flexibility, it offers the possibility of setting the quotas and the periodicity in a personalized way, facilitating the financing of the 100% of the product and its subsequent purchase at a low price.
  • Taxation is the main advantage of leasing. The financial costs are tax deductible, as well as the amortization of the equipment in corporation tax.
  • VAT is in principle assumed by the financial entity, optimizing taxes.

Also, a Renewable energy leasing is interesting for those companies that:

  1. They wish to reduce their electricity bill by betting on clean energy.
  2. Companies that do not have their own resources to acquire renewable energy equipment.
  3. They are interested in a rent with possibility of purchase.

Alter Finance Specialization

If you consider leasing as a viable financial alternative to end the energy dependence of your business. You should consider the alternatives that Alter Finance can offer you as a partner.

Here we summarize the top 3 reasons for specializing in Alter Finance:

  1. Experience in financial solutions.
  2. Industry Knowledge.
  3. We speak your same language, providing financing tailored to the needs of your company.

Contact us and find out more alternative financing methods for companies such as renewable energy leasing. We will wait for you!

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