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The leasing benefits There are several and it is not surprising that many professionals opt for this formula. The article offers you more information so that you can consider whether this option interests you or not.

Renting benefits

When looking for the difference between leasing and buying either rent or buy, good to know how the renting works. This formula is, in essence, a contract of rent during a certain period of time. when the agreed time, the user of the property returns it to the company that rented it.

It is good that you know that this model is much more flexible than leasing. You can agree on a free period and, if you wish, have a purchase option or not. In contrast, the purchase option in the leasing has to appear and the calculation of the value as well.

This is the reason why renting contracts are very common. There are a number of leasing benefits that contribute to its expansion. They are the following:

Greater optimization of resources

The expenses of the purchase or maintenance of the good that is purchased are usually greater than the renting fee. Consequently, it will be much easier to face this option and you will be able to make other financial resources available to what is really important. One of the basic premises of this financing model is that it is easier to manage your business.

Liquidity can be hard to come by at times, especially in companies that are just starting out. This is the reason why, in certain contexts, the optimization of resources that renting allows is vital.

differences between leasing and renting

Fiscal benefits

He renting has several fiscal benefits, given that you can record it as an expense on your balance sheet. Other aspects that must be highlighted is that you deduct 100 % of personal income tax and of the Corporation tax, while you will do the same in the 50 % VAT. This is one of the main reasons that recommend hiring this format.

The tax reduction is a powerful motive if what you want is to improve the sustainability of your company. Think that the ownership of a good is only interesting if you are going to get a long-term benefit from it. There are assets such as vehicles or certain industrial machines that depreciate very easily.

Greater security

Leasing is a type of contract that is signed for capital or consumer goods, from cars to industrial machinery. You are guaranteed maintenance throughout the contract period. Consequently, you will have more security guarantees. Not surprisingly, the reviews will be carried out by specialized personnel sent by the owner company. This will minimize the chances of accidents.

The main idea is that the renting, unlike leasingcovers all aspects of security, both the required by law like those recommended by the manufacturer or repairs.

reduced costs

The costs are lower for the individual or company that opts for this formula. This, in the long run, will result in the efficiency with which you work and in your benefits account. It should not be forgotten, furthermore, that this is an ideal option in contexts of uncertainty.

Remember that leasing contracts can be customized. This implies that you can negotiate the fee with more flexibility because the legal limits are lower.

When will I be interested in renting?

Financing formulas may be more or less valid depending on the context. This also happens with renting. In any case, there is some way to know when this formula will interest you compared to renting depending on your circumstances.

Renting is preferable to leasing if you are not clear that you want stay with the good. Not surprisingly, the possibility of using this asset is offered for a certain period of time and cover maintenance. Most companies can offer you to buy the property at the end of the rental period, but they can set the price they want.

The renting contract you will be interested when the company start your journey. This is an effective way to reduce costs and not for that reason stop having the essentials. The scarcity of resources is commonplace, but it is usually more serious, if possible, in startups.

Finally, the renting It's the best option, by far, if you don't want to worry about it. sure or for him maintenance. It is the obligation of the company that leases the property to deal with these issues. You will only have to deal with the fuel or the energy source.


The leasing benefits They are diverse, so there is a segment of professionals who may be interested. It is convenient for you, yes, to weigh the pros and cons with respect to leasing. Know how the renting works it will make your job easier.

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